Ford Motorcraft Air Filter FA-1943

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Motorcraft Filters manufactured and tested to meet strict Ford, SAE and ISO standards to ensure peak performance throughout the life cycle of the filter. Why Buy: -Multi-fiber high-density media captures harmful contaminants, yet minimizes restriction even as the filter approaches the end of its useful life. -Each filter is coated with a special chemical (surfactant) that enhances initial filtering efficiency and capacity. -Coating is formulated to help resist damage from oil and moisture Polyurethane seal material provides superior sealing when exposed to high and low temperature cycles (-40 to +250 degrees Fahrenheit). -Impregnated with phenolic resin that retains the pleated shape when exposed to heat and moisture. -Motorcraft air filters must pass a battery of tests that include: Filter efficiency and capacity throughout the filter's life cycle, Construction integrity in extreme conditions, Water soak and rupture tests, Heat and humidity aging -Designed specifically for each vehicle application to help ensure the right fit, improve engine performance, and reduce engine contamination.